Glover's Travels Season 1

Glover's Travels Season 1

The super popular "Glover's Travels" show is finally available on demand. See all 6 episodes!
Episode 1:
In this episode, Jeff visits his own school, Paragon Jiu Jitsu in Ventura California with Ricardo Franjinha Miller.
Episode 2:
Jeff visits long time friend and training partner, Bill Cooper at his new Jiu Jitsu school in Newbury Park, California.

Episode 3:
In this episode, Jeff Visits Gracie Barra headquarters in Irvine CA. Here, head instructors Marcio Feitosa and Flavio Almeida give Jeff a tour of this landmark school and even spend some time rolling and training with Jeff. In this full episode, see Jeff roll with Flavio Almeida and studunts and an extended tour of academy.

Episode 4:
In this episode, Jeff flys to Vegas to visit Robert Drysdale as he prepares for his upcoming superfight in ADCC.

Episode 5:
Jeff continues his tour of Vegas with a stop at a familiar training facility, Cobra Kai. Here Jeff visits and trains with old friends Chris Holdsworth and Simpson Go.

Episode 6: Hang out with Jeff as he shows behind the scenes action at ADCC 2009 in Barcelona, Spain. Jeff also interviews Jeff Monson, Roberto Cyborg, David Avellan, Mike Fowler, and Xande Ribeiro.

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Glover's Travels Season 1