Getting Out of Tough Situations Richard Van Donk

Getting Out of Tough Situations Richard Van Donk

It is best that you know how to defend yourself in all scenarios. When you have a handle on resolving the tough situations than anything else is much easier.

In this training session we explore getting out of tough situations such as attacks from Knives, Guns, Grabs, and Multiple attackers. Shihan Richard Van Donk and assistant instructors offer their ideas and principles to provide good survival solutions.

Joe Morris, Marcos Marroquin, James Clum, and Jeff Davis teach you what to do if a knife is at your throat from behind.
Wes Shreve shares what to do if a person puts a knife in your back to take you as a hostage.


Shihan Richard Van Donk shares how to handle frontal Grabs of the arms and chest to control you or start to throw you. You will learn that proper use of your own taijutsu can be your best asset and easily take them off balance and switch the control to you.

Shihan Richard Van Donk, Ralston Taylor, Roman Marquez, Greg Dilley shares what to do when multiple people are trying to attack you at the same time. Various scenarios are explored.

Shihan Richard Van Donk deeply teaches handling a Gun in Back - Gun in Front - Gun at head and even countering someone trying to take your gun by grabbing it. Shihan teaches some very practical and imaginative ways to handle gun attackers and demonstrates many gun disarms. The counters are realistic, easy to learn (Disclaimer - all disarms are dangerous and difficult to apply in actual combat situations and to us the option of doing nothing is usually not acceptable.) 

Pay close attention to the small taijutsu details as they are very important in these scenarios when done against someone that is trying to harm you.

Shihan closes with a Words Of Wisdom of how to train in the art and to get the most out of it.

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Getting Out of Tough Situations Richard Van Donk