Gamechanging BJJ Moves by Brent Littell

Gamechanging BJJ Moves by Brent Littell

“I’m not going to tap to weight. I’m not going give up to a smother.” These are the thoughts that race through your mind as your opponent sits on top of you in mount. He feels as heavy as a house, and he gets heavier with each second that goes by. You fight off feelings of claustrophobia and anxiety as he shifts his weight onto your chest. You feel the life being sucked out of your lungs and hope you can catch one last breath. Frantic, you stick up your arm and hope he takes the armbar so you can breath again.

Does this sound familiar? Do you fear heavy opponents mounting you and taking your breath? Well, after viewing this instructional, these screams of desperation will quiet down to whispers of discomfort and eventually transform to feelings of confidence.

In Brent Littell’s newest installment of instructionals, he covers mount escape tactics. Brent adds crucial details to the escapes that you already know so that they can work under pressure. He also shows rarely seen mount escapes from technical mount and one hand in the collar. He creates a framework so you can stay safe in mount.Like in other instructionals from Brent Littell, he addresses how to systematically identify the position, how to identify the proper escape for the position, and how to use the right details to make the escapes effortless. If you have ever been stuck under someone and helpless, this is the instructional for you.

Don’t throw up your arms and pray your opponent takes the armbar, have a plan!


Frustrated by new guards? Confused about what to do when your opponent stretches you out with x-guard? Stuck when guard players trap you with spider hooks? In his bonus section, Brent Littell arms you with the skills to become impervious to some of the trickier guards in the game. Through the emphasis of posturing, pressure, and movement, he teaches veterans and newcomers, alike, how to cut through guards like a hot knife through butter.

Do not give up an easy two points again. Get your three points, now!!!

About the instructor:

Brent Littell has the unique distinction of being one of only people in the world to have black belts in both gi and no gi jiu jitsu. He was the sixth person ever to receive his black belt in no gi bjj from Eddie Bravo, and he was the first person ever to receive his black belt in gi from Gracie Barra after holding rank as a black belt in no gi. Brent has extensive instructing experience and has taught in some of the most hallowed bjj institutions in the world. He was Tenth planet’s first ever fundamentals instructor at their headquarters in Hollywood, California, and presently is an instructor at the headquarters for Gracie Barra, the largest and most successful bjj team ever. His knowledge of both gi and no gi jiu jitsu, as well as his amazing teaching style, makes him one of the most sought out bjj teachers around. He has worked with everyone from beginners in the sport to UFC fighters to world champions. His teaching style makes complex concepts accessible to all. This is a great opportunity to learn from one of the best.

Gamechanging BJJ Moves by Brent Littell