Francombat Art of Self Defense Strategy

Francombat Art of Self Defense Strategy

By Alain Basset

12 self defense situations in the street
+ interview of the founder
+ indoor techniques
Never seen before !!

ALAIN BASSET, Francombat Master Expert 40 years of practice in martial arts Black Belt in many sports Founder of FRANCOMBAT This high level expert has been devoting himself to the teaching and the development of Francombat.

Alain Basset and Dominique Dumoulin-Laupic, tatami companions for a long time, both having a passion for strategy, worked out a strategy of efficiency in life based on the following original concept: beating and not fighting, which sharply improved the efficiency of their technique.
That’s how Francombat was born.

The aim of this school based on the strategy of movement and on the adaptation is to train fighters who know when, how and why to get into a fight, how to beat the fastest as possible, and how to get out of a tight corner.

Because street situations are not tatamis’ ones, strategy is essential.
A good strategist chooses the best fighting technique and is efficient.
A good strategist studies the environment of the fight, checks out the closest objects and uses them against one or more adversaries in order to defend oneself.
A good strategist gets out of a tight corner by analyzing or tricking.
A good strategist looks before he leaps.

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Francombat Art of Self Defense Strategy