Fight Club in the Street Vol 4

Fight Club in the Street Vol 4

Global Defense System - Sambo - Streetboxing - Krav-Maga - Kajukenbo by 7 Experts:
-Robert Paturel (Streetboxing)
-Vincenzo Quici (Krav Maga)
-Jonathan Dejace (Krav Maga)
-Herve Gheldman (Sambo)
-Pascal Gilles (Global Defense System)
-Luis Diaz (Kajukenbo)
-Joe Diaz (Kajukenbo)

No need to be an Olympic champion, a muscular man or a 10th dan expert to learn how to defend yourself, you just need to want it and listen... Learning, understanding, analyzing and anticipating is within everyone's reach. The street is a jungle. You can spend your life without being attacked, but one day everything can change without warning. Do not fear this danger, you just have to get ready and prepare properly.

This film will show you 5 different defenses (Krav Maga, Street Boxing, Global Defense System, Sambo and Kajukenbo) against these attacks: grip, attacks with bare hands, with a stick or a bat, with a kick, and gun threat.

Many videos deal with self defense, but here you will learn and be able to compare different defense systems. There is not a better style than the other, there is just a style that suits you best, it's up to you to find it.

Whether you are fat or thin, tall or small, supple or not, beginner or expert, it doesn't matter; "Fight Club in the Street" will teach you how to defend yourself against the most common attacks. Being a member of "Fight Club in the Street" is learning how to defend oneself and not to attack, it is knowing how to help one's fellow man, respect oneself and respect others.

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Fight Club in the Street Vol 4