Extreme Armbars with Marcello Monteiro

Extreme Armbars with Marcello Monteiro

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Marcello C. Monteiro demonstrates some of his favorite armbars. Included are different setups, armbar submissions, and techniques for better finishing them, all from different positions. Add these to your arsenal of taps and step up your submission game for sure.

Marcello demonstrates these techniques in the clear, logical manner that he is known for as an instructor.

Marcello's favorite armbars are:

* Flying Armbar
* Armbar setup locking the triangle and attacking the opposite arm
* Basic armbar climing the back and underhooking the leg
* Basic armbar underhooking the leg to sweep with armbar
* Monteirao attack to the triangle armbar cadiado attack
* Reverse armbar countering the opponent's defense to the basic armbar
* Armbar countering the neck crank
* Reverse armbar from the knee on the stomach
* Reverse triangle to kimura then to armbar from the side control
* Alligator armbar
* Countering the armbar and sweep defense going to the reverse armbar
* Passing opponent's guard arriving in kimura or armbar
* Quick armbar applying the shin from the scissor side control
* Mount control position to triangle attack with reverse armbar
* Reverse armbar from the mount
* Juca back attack to reversal armbar

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Extreme Armbars with Marcello Monteiro