El Arte Suave Basic Jiu-Jitsu Francisco Iturralde

El Arte Suave Basic Jiu-Jitsu Francisco Iturralde

Francisco Itturalde, better known as "Sinistro" in the BJJ world is one of the most well known competitors from South America. Having started at the early age of 13, Sinistro was introduced to the art by his uncle and brothers who are also active black belt competitors.

With various titles including world champion (3x), Pan American champion (3x), Abu Dhabi world pro cup champion, and many more, Sinistro has both the skills and the teaching ability to help you in your jiujitsu!

In this instructional set, Sinistro shares key techniques that you must have under your belt. These foundational techniques focus on attacks and sweeps from the guard and passing the guard.

Chapter list:

1 Intro

2 Grips & guard pulling
3 Breaking posture
4 Cross sleeve control attacks
5 Cross sleeve control brabo
6 Armbar from stack defense
7 Monoplata variations from stall
8 Lasso sweep from knees
9 Lasso sweep from standing
10 Inverted rollover with lasso

11 Basic posture & guard opening
12 Around the corner pass
13 Leg shield stack pass
14 Leg smash pass from lasso
15 Chiropractor position
16 Ecuadorian necktie

17 Outro

El Arte Suave Basic Jiu-Jitsu Francisco Iturralde