Dynamic Aikisambo with Kenji Nakazawa

Dynamic Aikisambo with Kenji Nakazawa

Dynamic Aikisambo by Kenji Nakazawa is a combination of Yoshinkan Aikido techniques and the traditional Russian Sambo combat techniques.

Aikisambo is a unique method of combat system for self defense that starts with the effective blocking techniques, and striking techniques by hands and feet. Aikisambo has many practical throwing techniques, grappling techniques, joint lock techniques and submission techniques.

Aikisambo is a simple and yet effective form of self defense and anyone can learn and enjoy practicing regardless of age and sex.

Aikisambo effectiveness is based on its natural movements, principles of evasiveness, balancing, speedy footwork, cognizance of anatomy and physical mechanics.

Aikisambo can not be understood by just watching from a distance. The best way is to experience its technique personally on your own body.

The purpose of learning Aikisambo is not to decide who is the winner and who is not, but to enjoy learning numerous unique and yet effective and practical techniques and to make continuous efforts for improvement.

1 Warm up with punches & kicks
2 Wrist lock push ups
3 Kotegaeshi exercise
4 Reverse kotegaeshi
5 Katamochi kotegaeshi outside
6 Katamochi kotegaeshi inside
7 Kotegaeshi from straight punch
8 Udegarami from straight punch
9 Katamochi udegarami tomenage
10 Katamochi sankajo makinage
11 Katatemochi sankajo
12 Aikido knife defense
13 Katatemochi sankajo cross lapel grab
14 Sankajo kanibasami leglock
15 Kotegaeshi to kneebar
16 Ankle yonkajo to ankle lock
17 Sankajo to rolling kneebar
18 Aikisambo technique demonstration
19 Interview with Kenji Nakazawa

About Kenji Nakazawa:
Kenji Nakazawa has studied various martial arts in Japan and has worked for the Kanagawa Prefectural Police Dept. He is ranked 5th dan in Yoshinkan Aikido. Kenji has combined Yoshinkan Aikido with Sambo techniques he learned from Japanese Sambo legend - Victor Koga to make Dynamic Aikisambo.

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Dynamic Aikisambo with Kenji Nakazawa