Double Trouble with Tony Cecchine

Double Trouble with Tony Cecchine

"Killer Techniques To incorporate them effortlessly into your gi-grappling game! If they've never seen it, how can they defend against it? Then once they see it, beat their defenses to a pulp!"

Now, for the purpose of allowing you, the gi-grappler and jacketed wrestler, to incorporate the brutal and crippling holds of Catch Wrestling into your sport BJJ or JJ arsenal, Shawn and I have teamed up to give you the instruction on how to completely dismantle your jacketed opponent. Our 1-1/2 hour DOUBLE TROUBLE DVD is a gold mine of knowledge designed to take your game to untouchable levels.

"Tony, can I use your Catch techniques in my BJJ class?"

"Can the 'twist' principle be used when my opponent has on a jacket?"

The answer is - YES!!!

The benefits from this series come not only from the refined and dangerous Catch Wrestling techniques, but also from the fact that no other grappling art on earth teaches the way Catch teaches. It makes this stuff nearly impossible to counter!!!

On this tape, Shawn and I will show you:

Why your choice of grip makes the difference between a tap and a failed submission.

Why Catch Wrestling's heel hook and achilles entries allow you to use your entire body against his foot.

Why you must "land at 7 O'clock" for every one of heel hooks and achilles locks.

How to force separation to break your man's grip on your gi and fly into a brutal Catch leg lock.

How to enhance many of the moves you're learning in gi grappling and make them Catch Wrestling effective!!!

Step-by-step breakdown of the subtleties of the moves and applications to insure success each and every time.

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Double Trouble with Tony Cecchine