Close Combat Fighting Military Techniques DVD

Close Combat Fighting Military Techniques DVD

By Jean-Michel Lerho & Alexandre Vanderlinden

Simplicity - Rapidity - Efficiency. Analyze – Improvise and adapt - Dominate.

Those are the principles you have to keep in mind to solve different situations taking account of the dress (civilian, police or military operational uniform), the intervention gradation, the mission or the self defense rules.

You will find in this film some defense techniques on kicks/punches, grips, strangling, beltings, threats, knife attacks… Some extreme situations require extreme solutions. Because of its dangerous concept, this video is for adults and responsible teachers.

The authors (self defense, military techniques and police techniques experts):

Jean-Michel LERHO
Belgian serviceman for 30 years, para-commando, close-combat instructor in the Commando training Center, now trainer in violence controlling for special agents of the prison inmate transfer.
Europe Technical Director of the World Krav Maga Federation WKMF and Co-founder of the Close-combat Operational System.

Belgian serviceman for 32 years, Specialised instructor for Defense in hand-to-hand combat.
Head of Close Combat at the Institut Royal Militaire d’Education Physique, unarmed fighting Centre of the Belgian Army.
Belgian Technical Director of WKMF, FFTS and COS.

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Close Combat Fighting Military Techniques DVD