Cesar Gracie Gi-Less Jiu-Jitsu

Cesar Gracie Gi-Less Jiu-Jitsu

Cesar Gracie is the man behind the famous GracieFighter Academy. His teaching skills are legendary. His amazing amount of techniques, his attention to detail, his knowledge of theory and tactics and his ability to get this across to his students are some of the reasons the GracieFighter Academy is so successful, turning out champions like Diaz, Shields, Terrell, Melendez... Cesar's first instructional series is the best selling instructional of all time on Gracie Jiu Jitsu. Now Cesar is sharing his knowledge of gi-less jiu-jitsu. This 6 dvd series is sure to become the definitive source for Gi-Less Jiu-Jitsu.

Vol 1: The Mount and Cross Side
-Understanding the mount
-Mount positioning
-Arm attacks from the mount
-Cross-side control
-Chokes from the cross side
-Arm bars from cross side
-From side to mount

Vol 2: Leg attacks
-Understanding leg attacks
-Heel hooks & ankle attacks
-Knee bar & knee attack
-Positioning to leg attack
-Knee crank & calf slicer

Vol 3: Guard techniques
-Butterfly guard passes
-Half guard defense
-Open guard passes
-Closed guard passes

Vol 4: Defensive techniques
-Kimura defense
-Triangle defense
-Arm bar defense
-Choke defense
-Leg lock defense

Vol 5: Attacks & set ups
-Guard attacks
-Triangle attacks
-Attack set ups
-Arm attacks & set ups
-Escapes from the bottom
-Correct grip use

Vol 6: Finish techniques
-Knee on stomach
-Choke finishes
-Flying triangle
-Flying arm bar
-Stand up finishes

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Cesar Gracie Gi-Less Jiu-Jitsu