Capoeira Flow Master Basic Techniques

Capoeira Flow Master Basic Techniques

Fabio Santos was born in Brazil and now lives in the UK. He started studying Capoeira in 1998 and hasn't stopped since. Now a Capoeira instructor, Fabio has fully mastered the beauty, fluidity and versatility of Capoeira, which has led to his performing around the world in workshops, live performances, tv adverts, films and competitions.

Capoeira is a unique Brazilian martial art that combines attack and defense moves, acrobatics, music, dance and mischievous play with beauty and fluidity. It is known by its quick and complex moves and uses power, speed and balance. Capoeira is the art of concealed fighting, beautiful but deadly, which creates confusion for your opponent and uses strikes when they would least expect it.

This film is suitable for people who have never tried capoeira before or who have a basic knowledge of capoeira. Viewers will be able to adapt all the moves from this film to expand and develop their own style.

Contents: The basic movement practice of capoeira, such as:
Basic kicks and acrobatics, including:
Martelo, queixada, meia lua de frente, Giro de mao, parada de Cabeca, Au, and Au Batido…etc!
Studying these moves will prepare capoeira students to develop a good foundation for the next level of challenges.

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Capoeira Flow Master Basic Techniques