Break a Leg by Jeff Glover

Break a Leg by Jeff Glover

The enigmatic Jiu jiutsu competitor and instructor Jeff Glover is back! After laying out his deep half guard and darce chokes in previous Budovideos instructionals, now he's finally laying out his tournament tested leglock game.

In his witty unique teaching style, Jeff teaches like no one else can. His simple yet detailed, clear and concise instruction will get you comfortable attacking your partners lower half. You'll learn heelhooks, ankle locks and kneebars from a wide variety of positions.

1 Intro
Closed Guard
2 Straight ankle lock
3 Falling straight ankle lock
Open guard
4 Side Fall
5 Back fall
Half Guard (Top)
6 Ashi garami
7 Stepover 411
Half Guard (Bottom)
8 Push Back Ashi Garami (inside & outside)
411 Setups
9 Open Guard Back Step
10 Open Guard 2 on 1 Shin
11 Open Guard Knee Slice
12 Sidemount
From Bad Positions
13 Bottom Mount
14 Bottom Side
15 North South
16 Back with Hooks
17 Stepover kneebar from back
Butterfly Guard
18 Leg Reap
19 411 Twist
20 411 Mount Drill
21 Ankle Lock Escape Drill
22 Reap Step Out Drill
23 4 Positions Drill
24 Outro
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Break a Leg by Jeff Glover

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