BJJ Vol 9 Half Guard by Olivier Millier

BJJ Vol 9 Half Guard by Olivier Millier

Discover an exceptional collection dedicated to the art of Brazilian fight. Each Professor and expert will give details about his specialty through a series of educational videos, filmed on a black floor and background for an optimal visibility on all movements.

This film covers the essential techniques that can be done from a semi-guard. You will be given a multitude of details so as to make sure you assimilate the bases and the advanced techniques. If you apply them as you're told to, you will improve your game and even better you'll be able to use them no matter how big and strong your opponent is.

The video will explain blocked semi-guards but also deep semi-guards, as a defense technique but also as an attack.

Olivier Millier:
-Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Professor for more than 10 years
-BTT academy black belt
-2 times champion of the Europe masters & seniors in his category and in all categories (2005 blue belt and 2010 Brown belt)
-Winner of many national and regional tournaments
-Vo Thuat Black belt
-Professional MMA fighter

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 BJJ Vol 9 Half Guard by Olivier Millier