BJJ Vol 4 The Art of the Fight by Luc Farrando

BJJ Vol 4 The Art of the Fight by Luc Farrando

Discover a unique collection dedicated to the Brazilian martial art. Each master and expert detail their specialty through a series of instructional Videos, shot on a black ground and a black background for optimum visibility of all movements.

This film offers advanced techniques in the different positions of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
What I call "The art of combat" is a good knowledge of the different basic positions of BJJ (standing, guard passing, reversal, half guard, back, etc.).

It is important to have the same fight in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as in Grappling. This is why 80% of the techniques you will see in this video are achievable in NO-GI. Often working in these positions, I give you my vision of combat in this video.

Luc Farrando:
- Winner of the Paolista in blue and purple belt in Brazil
- 5th in the Copa del Mondo, purple belt in Brazil
- World Champion Master, purple belt in Brazil
- 2nd at the European Championship black belt in Lisbon
- Winner of several international Grappling tournaments
- 2nd Degree black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since January 2009, and a student of Christian Derval and Barbosa
- Judo Black Belt and former member of the French Junior Team. Participates in the development of Ne-Waza with the French Federation of Judo.

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BJJ Vol 4 The Art of the Fight by Luc Farrando