BJJ Sweeps by Flavio Almeida

BJJ Sweeps by Flavio Almeida

Flavio Almeida is a Black Belt under Carlos Gracie Jr. and is a successful competitor, including 2 Time World Champion and multiple time Brazilian National Champion. In addition to his competition success, he is also a well-respected instructor at Gracie Barra in AZ.

On this DVD, Flavio shows you many innovative ways to sweep your opponent to end up in a dominant position. In addition to instructing 16 sweeps from standing, half guard, and open guard, a Sweeps seminar from Flavio is also included.

1. Obi tori gaeshi (Belt grab reversal).
2. Tripod Sweep (From foot on the hip).
3. Tomoe nage (Helicopter sweep).
4. Butterfly guard to half guard underhook sweep.
5. Butterfly guard sweep against headstand posture (Renzo Sweep).
6. Butterfly guard sweep from over under guard pass.
7. Butterfly guard pendulum sweep from over under guard pass.
8. Butterfly guard arm drag from over under guard pass.
9. Half guard upa (Bump) sweep.
10. Half guard scissors sweep.
11. Half guard back rollover sweep.
12. Half guard sweep from brabo choke attack.
13. Half guard twist back sweep.
14. Sweep from knee up the middle pass (Margarida Pass).
15. Sweep from knee up the middle pass to single lag takedown.

Also included as a bonus is a sweeps seminar conducted by Flavio at Gracie Barra America. Flavio introduces some of the more commonly used BJJ sweeps from standing, closed guard and butterfly guard.

Bonus Features:
-Flavio Almeida Sweeps Seminar
-Gracie Barra America promo clip
-Pan Ams 2006 Trailer

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Sweeps DVD by Flavio ‘Cachorrinho’ Almeida – review by Carl Fisher, Fighter Magazine

Practitioners and fans alike will no doubt have their favourite areas of jiu jitsu; some may be fans of aggressive open guard play or an attacking top game from the mount or side control. For me, watching an attacker successfully sweep his opponent into a dominant position and proceed to finish them off with a submission is my favourite part of a fight.

Sweeps can occur from when two opponents are standing and usually in spectacular fashion and equally impressive sweeps can be performed from the guard, half guard and butterfly guard positions and can be the difference between a win and a loss if all else is equal in the fight.

Finding DVD’s that focus primarily on sweeps remain thin on the ground, however, Gracie Barra black belt Flavio Almeida has remedied the situation by releasing an exciting new DVD on sweeps.

Flavio is a black belt under Carlos Gracie Jr., brother of Ricardo Almeida and is a successful competitor himself, notching up two Mundials titles and is also a multiple time Brazilian National Champion. In addition to his competition success, he is a well-respected instructor at the Gracie Barra America Academy in Lake Forest, California where he teaches alongside Marcio Feitosa and Carlos Gracie Jr.

The DVD contains fifteen sweeps from various positions starting with standing techniques and moves on to sweeps from the butterfly guard and half guard; with assistance from Carlos’s son Kayron, Flavio first demonstrates the sweep at full speed before breaking each sweep down into further detail. At the end of the DVD, there is one special chapter titled ‘putting it all together’ where Flavio and Kayron roll with each other and between the pair of them, demonstrate all the sweeps shown in the DVD and one or two other special sweeps, a rare chance to see tow talented athletes in action.

Extra footage includes a sweeps seminar hosted by Flavio at the Gracie Barra America academy, a Gracie Barra America promo clip with a few UK faces to look out for plus a Pan Ams 2006 trailer.

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BJJ Sweeps by Flavio Almeida