BJJ Back to Basics Vol 1 Eduardo Dudu Nascimento

BJJ Back to Basics Vol 1 Eduardo Dudu Nascimento

Discover an exceptional collection on the art of Brazilian fighting. Each teacher and expert will explain his speciality in full details in this series of educational videos, which have been recorded with a uniform dark background for more visibility.

Discover the first of two volumes bringing together in a methodical and technical way the development of the guard-passing movement. I wanted to give as much technical details as possible so that you can work with this video. Each position is seen with several variants.

One can easily succeed in technical demonstrations, but when it comes to "pass" them during a fight in competition, it often does not work. With this film you will learn how to achieve your technique even when your partner moves and will not let you walk all over him.
I also added a technique I often use, which is to trap the opponent or partner when he uses his strength to pass the guard...

A neophyte, like an advanced jiujitsuka, will find much technical details that were never issued before. Also in this video: Randori with a partner in a real situation of combat, where I apply the detailed techniques.

Eduardo "Dudu" NASCIMENTO is Brazilian. He is a 2nd degree black belt in Barbosa.

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BJJ Back to Basics Vol 1 Eduardo Dudu Nascimento