BJJ Attacks & Initiative

BJJ Attacks & Initiative

Discover a unique collection dedicated to the Brazilian martial art. Each master and expert detail their specialty through a series of instructional Videos, shot on a black ground and a black background for optimum visibility of all movements.

The guard in Jiu-jitsu is a key position. To develop one’s attacks in this context, it is all about initiative. We will deal in this film how to settle one’s game to be able to perform the techniques as accurately and efficiently as possible. Victory in a fight is over a succession of building details.

The key to success lies in the ability of being aggressive from the start, and not give one’s opponent the opportunity to develop their own strategies. This principle applies above as well as below. We will therefore have to detail some fundamental positions that we have developed through our experiences of competitors, which we hope is a guarantee of a Jiu-jitsu that is modern, scalable and fully oriented to success.

Having discovered jiu-jitsu in 1996 during the visit of members of the Gracie family for the first time in Europe, we actually started to practice this sport in a club from 2001.
After many hours of training, courses in Brazil and many competitions in France and internationally, in 2006 we decided to open our own academy: the Gokudo. Since this moment on, we’ve kept on teaching, communicating and living the passion of "the subtle art".

The three OLIVIER brothers won many French cups in elite category (Spirit Challenge, Open de France, Hotblood, etc.).
They won Abu Dhabi Europe titles, French Championships (black belt, adult , -76 kilos in 2011 and 2012), 3rd at the European Championships (2009, 2010 and 2012) ...

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BJJ Attacks & Initiative