Bioenergy Training 60 Day Transformation Program 2

Bioenergy Training 60 Day Transformation Program 2

Maximize Your Energy!

Deepen your practice, get more exercise, and develop abundant energy with Nick Loffree. This bioenergy training results in a relaxed state of low stress, anxiety, and depression. You’ll develop a clear mind, better health, faster healing, and a more youthful appearance and metabolism.

This Intermediate-level 30-day program, challenges you further physically and mentally to experience:
animal movements to reintegrate your mind with your primal body
strength and flexibility like bamboo
deeper breath and a peaceful spirit
steady mental and physical balance
ample energy for every part of your life

This program includes five unique routines, filmed in five stunning locations across the American West (California Coast, Red Rock Arizona, and the Rocky Mountains).

Each routine takes you through a challenging bioenergetic movement practice, including breathwork, exercise, and meditations designed to maximize the energetic potential of the human body:

Session 1: Tiger | Detox Level 2
Session 2: Snake | Mobility Level 2
Session 3: Dragon | Flexibility Level 2
Session 4: Phoenix | Balance Level 2
Session 5: Bear | Strength Level 2

This program also includes the following bonus video content: "Going Deeper Into Energy" and "Structuring Your Training".

The purpose of this program is to help you experience the unity of your body and mind. We can’t train the body without affecting the mind. We can’t train the mind without affecting the body. The medium between the two we call “Bioenergy”.

Let’s get training.

Bioenergy Training 60 Day Transformation Program 2