Bioenergy Training 60 Day Transformation Program 1

Bioenergy Training 60 Day Transformation Program 1

Energize your life!

Nick Loffree leads you through a series of gentle exercises to help you experience an optimal state of health with more energy and less stress at the same time. The energy within the human body has been known by many names since ancient times, qi, prana, manna, and is now understood through the modern science of bioenergetic health.

When you have more energy, your body can meet the demands of its environment with ease. This results in a state of less stress, anxiety, depression, and irritability, with high libido, a clear mind, and a zest for life! When stress is low, your body has the resources to generate and move more energy, resulting in better health, faster healing, and a more youthful appearance and metabolism.

With daily practice during your 60-day transformation, you will learn

· to move like an animal, reintegrating your mind with your primal body

· to become as strong and flexible as bamboo

· to breathe deeply and calm your nervous system

· to achieve the balance and stability of a ninja

· to build and move energy through your body like a Jedi

This program includes five unique routines filmed in five stunning locations across the American West (California coast, Red Rock Arizona, and the Rocky Mountains). Each routine takes you through bioenergetic training, including breathwork, exercise, and meditative movements designed to maximize the energetic potential of the human body.

Session 1: Tiger | Detox

Session 2: Snake | Mobility

Session 3: Dragon | Flexibility

Session 4: Phoenix | Balance

Session 5: Bear | Strength

This program also includes the following bonus videos: "What Is Bioenergy?, Basic Stances, Goal Setting for the Program" and "Who Is Nick?"

The purpose of this program is to give you a direct experience of the unity of your body and mind. We can’t train the body without affecting the mind. We can’t train the mind without affecting the body. The medium between the two, we call “bioenergy.”

Let’s get training.

Bioenergy Training 60 Day Transformation Program 1