Basic Techniques of Capoeira

Basic Techniques of Capoeira

By Master Paulinho Sabia / Capoeira Brasil Group

Learn the mystical art of Capoeira.

Between martial art and dance, Capoeira has a wide range of blows and acrobatics.
Learn how to master the basic techniques like Ginga, kicks, cartwheels, dodges, blocks, feints and many more typical movements with the group Capoeira Brasil and master Paulinho SABIA.

Enter the Roda (circle) and let yourself be guided by the diabolic and sensual rhythms of Brazil.
Based in Rio de Janeiro, the group Capoeira Brasil was founded in 1989.
Today it is one of the most famous in Brazil.
It is present in the whole world and has a reputation of great acrobatic and spectacular rodas of a high technical level.

Paulinho SABIA is one of the founding masters of the group Capoeira Brasil.
His entire life is dedicated to Capoeira and he travels around the world in order to carry on his knowledge.

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Basic Techniques of Capoeira