Aikido Mastery with TK Chiba

Aikido Mastery with TK Chiba

Experience one of the top Aikido masters in his prime! TK Chiba was a direct student of the founder of Aikido and achieved the rank of 8th dan. In this archival footage we take you back to the early days of Aikido in England, where Chiba sensei lived and taught during the 1960's and 70's.


Part 1: London Aikikai 1971 (18 min)

-Leading misogi breathing exercises
-Teaching aikido class
-Solo training exercises
-Two person attacks
-Tachi tori (sword disarming)
-Tanto tori (Knife disarming)
-Solo jo kata
-Solo iaido kata
-Two person bokken kata

Part 2: Lancaster Seminar 1983 (46 min)

This seminar was held at Lancaster University in Lancashire, England in 1983. This is what many considered to be the prime of Chiba sensei's technical skill. On display is his powerful technique that is rarely seen in today's aikido.

About TK Chiba:
Chiba sensei was an uchi deshi (live in student) of the founder of Aikido for 7 years until he was dispatched to England to spread the art. He later settled in San Diego where he lived out the rest of his life. Having been active in Aikido for 50 years, he was respected as one of the most proficient at the art.

Note: Due to the age of these recordings, the image is not always perfectly clear. Still these are valuable teachings for the serious aikido student!

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Aikido Mastery with TK Chiba