Advanced BJJ with Marcello Monteiro

Advanced BJJ with Marcello Monteiro

Learn Marcello C. Monteiro’s favorite advanced BJJ techniques. In this video you will find control positions, immobilizations, sweeps, reversals, submissions, passes, counters, and so on, all to make your game better. If you have been playing BJJ for awhile, this video will give you the edge when training and competing, and give you those details at different points in your game that will improve your jiu-jitsu for sure.

These are simple yet effective techniques broken down so that you can learn the details to make them work. Marcello demonstrates these techniques in the clear, logical manner that he is known for as an instructor.

The Advanced BJJ techniques that you will learn are:

* Armbar set up attacking the wrist to break opponent's grip
* Armdrag takedown
* Attacking the back from the mount position
* Breaking the grip applying interlocked hands against the opponents wrist
* Countering opponent leg attack stepping over the leg to flying omoplata
* Countering the De La Riva Hook underhooking the leg and attacking the back
* Countering the triangle escape with the bicep slicer
* Cross collar control position to taking opponent's back
* Crossing the knee over the thigh guard pass to leg lock
* Double leg lock from knee on the stomack
* Dropping knee down then standing back up to take opponent down attacking the mount
* Forcing opponent to roll backwards to attack the crucifix
* Opening guard by standing up without controlling the opponents arms
* Rolling forward to leg and foot lock
* Sprawl counter for the underhook reversal from standing position
* Standing position to straight foot lock to achilles tendon control position
* Trapping opponents arm going into the kataguruma

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Advanced BJJ with Marcello Monteiro