40 Plus BJJ Success by Stephen Whittier

40 Plus BJJ Success by Stephen Whittier

Students and Instructors From Around the Globe Have Been Raving About the 40 Plus BJJ Lesson Series… Now You Can Take Your Game To the NEXT LEVEL With My Full "Soup to Nuts" Instructional Course!
If you’ve ever dreamed about keeping up with the younger, super-athletic "mat rats" in your school and super-charging your learning curve while taking less wear & tear on your body (or becoming a "Seniors Division" grappling machine in competition)… then you’re going to love what I have to share with you here!

Fact is, even when you work hard to stay fit and in the game, things change once you get to be an "older" grappler...

You have more responsibilities than most of the young bucks you train with (and can't always live on the mat like the guys in their teens and 20's);

You take longer to recover from hard workouts and injuries; and

Unless you’re way ahead in experience and skill, you often feel like you play "second fiddle" to the younger, more athletic mat-jocks in your school.

And let’s face it, even though you love jiu-jitsu… it can be really frustrating!

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40 Plus BJJ Success by Stephen Whittier