30 Second Fight Finishes by Elliot Bayev

30 Second Fight Finishes by Elliot Bayev

There are just times when you need to tap the other guy out as fast as possible.

Maybe you’re behind on points in a match and the only way you can win is by submission… maybe you need to conserve energy in a tournament with deep brackets… or maybe you just need to emphatically put someone in their place…

30 Second Fight Finishes gives you the techniques, strategies and combinations to submit your opponent in 30 seconds or less, regardless of whether you’re on your feet or on the ground!

Do you feel unsure about what to do at the beginning of a match? Feel shaky on your takedowns?  Not sure about what grips to go for?  Worried about what the other guy might do?

Have we got a solution for you! By knowing how to take the initiative in a match you’ll be able to dominate the other guy right from the start.

Regardless of whether he stays on his feet, pulls guard, or forces you to pull guard, you’ll have a game plan to move directly to the submission.

Having a plan always beats not having a plan, so knowing what to do will make you feel comfortable starting a match, getting it to the ground, and then hunting for the most powerful chokes, armlocks, and leglocks.

This instructional covers 40 detailed, competition-proven game plans to finish a match as fast as possible. From your feet you’ll learn how to set up basic takedowns and how to integrate those takedowns with your submission attacks. And if your opponent pulls guard you’ll also know how to engage with him and hunt the submission.

30 Second Fight Finishes has 8 sections, with each section focusing on a different initial grip or strategy.  Each of those 8 sections then contains 5 technical sequences that take you directly to the fight-ending submission to make sure your opponents never feel safe again.

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30 Second Fight Finishes by Elliot Bayev