2008 World Jiu-jitsu Championships Finals

2008 World Jiu-jitsu Championships Finals

The finals of the 2008 Jiu-jitsu World Championships includes the following fights:

Absolute Division
Xande Ribeiro vs Roger Gracie

Men's Adult Finals Weight Divisions
Rooster: Caio Terra vs Yusuke Honma
Super Feather: Samuel Braga vs Dai Yoshioka
Feather: Rubens Charles vs Bruno Frazzato
Light: Celso Vinicius vs Lucas Lepri
Middle: Sergio Moraes vs Bill Cooper
Medium Heavy: Andre Galvao vs Braulio Estima
Heavy: Xande Ribeiro vs Alexandre Souza
Super Heavy: Antonio Braga Neto vs Rafael Lovato, Jr
Ultra Heavy: Leonardo Leite vs Roger Gracie

Women's Adult Finals Weight Divisions

Super Feather: Mirian Cerqueira vs Takako Abe
Feather: Bianca Barreto vs Lauren Cousin
Light: Kyra Gracie vs Luana Alzuguir
Middle: Hannette Stack vs Fernanda Mazzelli
Medium: Ana Laura Cordeiro vs Penny Thomas
Heavy: Gabrielle Garcia vs Maria Do Carama Fernando Mazzelli

For the first time in BJJ Worlds history this World event features professional play-by-play commentary by black belts Shawn Williams and Sean Flanery. Listening to their commentary will increase your understanding of the art while they break down the moves and strategies of the top competitors in the world. In addition to commentary, Shawn Williams gets on the mat and shows you in detail how to do some of the most exciting moves of the finals. This is a first in the BJJ world and will make this the most exciting and educational Worlds ever!

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2008 World Jiu-jitsu Championships Finals