RIP Series with Tony Cecchine

RIP Series with Tony Cecchine

From the very first day of my training, reality fighting was all I was ever taught. There was no true submission wrestling tournaments in my day and age. The closest thing around was judo. And even today, submission grappling tournaments are very far away from being a realistic fight. I had to worry about surviving day in and day out in my neighborhood. A friendly little tap out isn’t going to save me. I had to learn devastating techniques that would allow me to defend myself when my life was on the line.

Of course I learned all the traditional submission holds. However, I was taught the hooking version of these holds. That means when I applied them you did not have the time to submit. Your limb was already destroyed. But there was more to it than just mere submission holds. I was taught strikes, gouges, pokes, biting, etc. These are referred to as rips. They were designed to attack vulnerable areas along your whole body.

Violence is far different then the sporting world

I was raised on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio. It was a very violent and troubling area to say the least. Stabbings, shootings, murders, happened at an alarming rate. Family members as well as myself were victims of violent crime. And it happened far more than once. It basically became a routine. Growing up in this environment caused me a great many issues. Among them is contempt for people who attempt to walk and talk as if they know what real violence is all about, when the fact is unless you’ve been there and done that you do not have a clue.

I laugh when I hear the so-called experts telling people to stay out of the bad neighborhoods. What these clowns don’t realize is that the people who need self-defense the most are the ones who are living in these bad neighborhoods. But phonies like those guys will probably always be a part of this world we are in. Guys like me that have actually been there and done that, have an obligation to not only expose these frauds, but more importantly reach out to the people who actually need our knowledge. I have attempted to do that for the majority of my adult life, and will continue to do it as long as I am physically able to do so.

Why Am I So Ferocious?

I’ve been asked many times why am I so ferocious and violent. The truth of the matter is, when you’ve been through what I’ve been through it leaves a mark on you. It’s also left me with the realization that I am going to hurt someone and hurt them very severely before they would ever attempt to hurt me or someone I care about. I will use every means possible to defeat my adversary. This rub some traditionalists the wrong way. But the truth is, it rubs them the wrong way because guys like me are the traditionalists worst nightmare.

For those of you who think along my lines, or who want to be able to learn these techniques to help yourself defend life and liberty, you’re going to thoroughly enjoy this video series. I do not believe a single technique I show is allowed in any competition that I am aware of on planet Earth. Coupled with a sound background in a formidable fighting style, implementing the techniques that I show you here will make you one of the most feared men in existence. Make no mistake, nothing can replace learning good solid boxing, wrestling etc., but adding these techniques and the mindset to go along with it is what will separate you from everyone else.

My Style

Pain. That’s what my Catch Wrestling style is all about. This isn’t for show business. It isn’t to entertain an audience with ridiculous holds and farcical applications. Go somewhere else to learn that stuff. I’m about brutal effectiveness. I’m about putting the hurt on people. Pinning? That’s for the gentleman sportster. I’m about teaching lessons…in the gym and more importantly, on the STREET.

Perhaps no one in the world breaks down ripping, the art within the art, like I do. For the first five years of my training, I was taught how to paralyze my opponents with brutal ripping techniques. I was put through a literal living hell. I paid a great price physically and mentally to learn these tactics and techniques. But they have paid me back in spades. I have used my knowledge to save my life, and more than once.

Why the Brutality?

Because your life just might depend on it. I have had to face guns, knives, clubs, and more during my lifetime. Surviving those ordeals leaves marks on you like I mentioned above, both physically as well as mentally. I firmly believe I have an obligation to defend myself as well as my loved ones. That means using the finest techniques available to me. I spare no expense when it comes to fighting…..none. I firmly know that your fate is in your own hands. People can be merciless. It’s up to you to ensure your survival.

I have answers for your needs. Listening to a theoretical instructor, a man who may instruct you without ever actually having to apply the techniques he talks about, is probably not going to help you in the long run. Since I have been there and used my techniques in both friendly sport matches and life-and-death scenarios on the street, I am uniquely qualified to help you.

This DVD Series

I cover a lot of material on this series. Some of the stuff may sound very simple to you. Yet there is a science behind everything. It’s more than just arbitrarily doing something. It’s more than just saying,”do this or do that”. For everything that you do causes a reaction with your opponent. For everything that you do may leave you momentarily vulnerable as well. You cannot act in haste. You cannot act recklessly. And even in the ultimate event where your life is on the line, you still have to adhere to sound principles of application. Here’s some stuff I display and teach on the series:

elbow digs
pressure point striking
hair pulling
eye gouging
other 100% sport illegal techniques
I don’t show simple stuff that you would see in a woman’s self defense class. I break things down to the core level. I show you:

hand positioning means the world
not getting bitten yourself when applying certain holds
the correct way to remove someone’s eyeball
the correct “jones” techniques to open up your opponent for finishing holds
setting up your opponent by creating his “reality”

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RIP Series with Tony Cecchine