Combat Sambo Dynamic Entry! with Reilly Bodycomb

Combat Sambo Dynamic Entry! with Reilly Bodycomb

...and there is nothing faster than making someone tap the second they hit the mat! Dynamic entrances to arm locks, chokes, and leg locks allow you to set up your opponent for the finish during the stand-up phase of combat using strikes and clinch work.

This instructional will show you some of the advanced flying and rolling attacks from the COMBAT SAMBO hand to hand fighting system that can be used in competitive Mixed Martial Arts. Also covered are dynamic submission counters to kicks, re-counters against your opponent’s attacks, as well as succinct and detailed lessons on leg locks and leg lock defenses. Join Reilly Bodycomb to learn these exciting, crowd pleasing, and extremely effective techniques to finish fights in the blink of an eye!

Dynamic Submission Techniques include:
Flying Armbars (multiple entrances)
Flying Triangle Chokes (multiple entrances)
Rolling Kneebars and Victor Rolls (multiple entrances)
Rolling Shoulder Lock
Scissor takedowns (multiple entrances)
Sliding Leg Locks (multiple entrances)
Standing Guillotines (multiple entrances)

Takedowns include:
Flying Head Scissor
FIreman's Carry
Lateral Drop
Back Arch
Trips and Foot-sweeps

Detailed explanations of finishes include:
Ankle Lock
Toe Hold
Triangle Choke
Heel Hook
Guillotine Choke
Leg Knot and leg control details
Submission Chaining with leg locks
Leg Lock defense and counter attacks

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Combat Sambo Dynamic Entry! with Reilly Bodycomb

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